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thank you!!

Hit me up with any of my fandoms and I’ll tell you:

  • my “FOREVER” pairing - prob ada/vince tbh and oz/echo and elliot/leo too
  • my “sometimes” pairing (if i’m in the mood) - vince/leo
  • my “friends-with-benefits” pairing - vince/lottie (emphasis on the benefits more than friends lmao) why are these all vince, i never even realized i had so many vince pairings
  • my “adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”) - oswald/jack (i was well on board back in the pre-reveal days when we only knew oswald as glen)
  • my “hate sex” pairing - all i can think of when i hear hate is vince/break, haha. do people ship that? it’s not something i’ve ever really thought about
  • my “working on it” pairing - not sure what this one means??? 
  • my favorite threesome / poly ship - GIL/OZ/ALICE OFC. all three, all the way~ and sharon/break/reim too but not quite as much as my main three <3
  • my platonic “their friendship is too precious to mess it up with romance” ship - hmmmmmm idk if i have one of those. i don’t really think romance and friendship are mutually exclusive. i guess oz and break could count since i love their dynamic in the manga but i don’t especially ship it.
  • my “i love it but don’t want it to happen” pairing - jack/lacie just to spite jack pfft nah i think it’s a really fascinating pairing bcuz of both of their complicated feelings, not just to each other but towards their own lives and how those two things play together. so i love the canon relationship and feelings behind it but don’t really want any sort of shoujoish happy ending for the pairing (not that i’d expect one)
  • my “it started out crack but now it’s serious and i regret everything” pairing - ME/OSCAR
  • my endgame pairing - oz/happiness and everybody/life
  • my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing - oz/gil and oz/alice on their own and all three together. that hug when alice returned from the abyss tho <3
  • my “settling for second choice” pairing - hmmmm i have no idea coz idk what this one really means either. if it means, like, first choice of ship for a character doesn’t work so next best one, then vince/leo (never realized until this that i actually quite like vince/leo, huh)
  • my “I don’t want to ship it but I do” pairing - lacie/jack/oswald/revi tHEY’RE JUST SUCH AN INTERESTING GROUP AND I WISH WE’D SEEN MORE OF THEM INTERACTING ALL TOGETHER modern au all live in the same flat, find themselves in a poly relaysh, are totally cool with that headcanon might have gone through my mind once or twice


this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

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